Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a revolutionary approach to communication and development and can be applied to many areas of human endeavour. It is both a communication process and a set of tools which enables you to influence, communicate and respond so effectively that you can empower every aspect of your life.


the tools of change to heighten the results you want for your career


the confidence that only comes from knowing your craft


the self esteem that comes when you are certain that you know what you are doing and how to do it


how you view other people, listen & understand them, how you speak with them & how they feel about you


NLP NZ offer a unique co-training style enabling learners to discover comfortably and easily through the methodology of NLP. Our work focuses on building strategies for individuals, groups and companies to successfully implement and sustain change.

Alistair Wait, NLP Trainer.

Alistair, a Certified Trainer of NLP (NLPTRB) began a wave of enthusiasm for NLP training in New Zealand during the early nineties. Well known for his collegial style and entrepreneurial spirit, Alistair has conducted business consultations...

Diya Welland

Diya is a Evolutionary Coach and Neurological Bodyworker with over 25 years experience. She is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Neurosemantic Meta-Coach, 500hr Yoga Instructor and trained in a variety of Body and Somatic Healing modalities...

Rosemary Wyndham-Jones

As founder of Dune Lakes Lodge, Rosemary offers a unique perspective for anyone seeking personal growth through the gentle spirit and acceptance horses can offer humans. She is a certified EAGALA facilitator and riding instructor who...

NLP NZ is committed to personal professional excellence and sets educational standards in the field of NLP within New Zealand. We do this by offering the latest developments in NLP, the highest quality resources and ongoing contact with all our students. When you join our extensive group of learners you will gain knowledge, understanding and experience from people with an incredible wealth of practical knowledge.